I am a believer TOGETHER, we can help bridge the gap between hope, and hopelessness, around the dinner table. - Amanda James


My name is Amanda James. I decided to start celebrating the belly in 2017, as a way to help create more awareness for gut health, by making it an event.

The 1st Official celebrations took off in 2017, on the 28th of August, when I was looking for a way to share my story with the world, to help bring others HOPE and enlightenment.

For years i suffered with the effects of many conditions, that robbed me of experiencing the joys of what i love now- life! Only more recently, did i discover, that amazingly; 2 of these conditions, among many others are completely preventable & reversible, (the main conditions i am refering to with myself being M.E. and IBS!) However finding those answers for me was partly pot luck, (almost found by fluke), and very hard to find, if not near verging on impossible, like a needle in a haystack! And this is what i find really concerning.

I see very often there is still a huge lack of awareness out there, regarding many health or digestive related issues. The consequence... is many, many people suffer, and sometimes without much, if any hope, of things drastically improving. (I only know... because i've been there. I hear and read many people's stories, & you only have to take a look around you to see health figures, the strain this bares on medical systems & you just know... most people you may know... tend to have experienced some issues in life right? or most probably still do...

Realising there was hope, after not realising much, for so, so... many years, was the start of my journey to recovery! That's when i started to discover just how under appreciated the gut really is, because most of the answers i found to help correct health issues, seem to all be, amazingly! related to, or situated within the gut!

Issues often start with nutrition, however can reach far, far... beyond nutrition. I discovered; many, many.. health conditions follow a similar pattern & are closely related!! It's been a phenomenal eye opener for me. Yet most people, including myself, have been completely unaware of those connections.

I think it's unfortunate to see people struggle in life, when there are answers clearly out there, just not always easy to find. Because they are not easy to find, I wanted there to be an easy way you CAN find answers, and that's what i am working on. It may take time to develop but bit by bit i hope i can uncover all the little gems of gold i've collected and encourage people to share their experiences too. However... my main message is to just advise anyone to; NEVER TO GIVE UP any kind of hope you might have, EVER, regardless of what any health professional may tell you.

Although we have seen a small historic breakthrough at the beginning of the year, 2018 in the most recent movements taking place in gut science, and the field of gut health, there is still a long way to go on promoting the significant connections we have to our gut. :-)

I am very interested in helping people create greater awareness throughout the food, health and wellness industry, as much as encouraging people to find their voice, by sharing their significant and helpful stories of health success, within society and the world at large.

I hope TOGETHER, we can all help bridge the gap between hope, and hopelessness, by helping each other ultimately recognize the significance of talking, & celebrating something as significant as the gut. :-)

Unfortunately I can't rewind my own history & erase any pain, but instead I believe together we can help re-write history. I am motivated by NEVER wanting to see people encounter any kind of traumatic doom & gloom, like the kind i experienced from my past, and the countless times i missed out on really enjoying life, but i am unbelievably excited by the fact i can help other people become aware of the same things that helped me now, the things that totally transformed my life!

I know this might not make much sense right now, because you may not be able to guess what they are, but i hope it will definately make more and more sense later..

By spreading good wishes, with just a simple 3 worded message, 'Happy Belly Day', i believe together we can help create awareness and help spread the message that THERE IS HOPE & the message that our guts are important and deserve to be recognised & appreciated as a key element of a healthy lifestyle and the road to recovery/greater strength at whatever place you are in life. I hope by doing that eventually some people will wake up to... seeing & hearing of hope, or at the very least become aware of the importance of appreciating the magnificent wonders of the gut.

By sharing a 'Happy Belly Day' I believe we can start drawing bigger connections to the the gut, longitivity, health, wealth and happiness. I hope this might be the change we need in creating more awareness in the world, within our modern day culture, for the sake of our future, family & friends futures, & for future generations to come.

I believe the health lessons i've learnt have been so valuable i want to share all of them with you! and encourage you to share yours! :-) Currently i am continuing to finish writing a book i started in 2017. I am eager to finish it, so i can give you a copy!

"I believe; there is a very symbolic & celebratory way to achieve success, simply through our belly, with a better understanding of it'


Lots of Belly Love Amanda


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